10 Fast Tips To Boost Your Self-Confidence


Personal development can only be accomplished if you’ve got the self-confidence to move forward with the program. Look over the following ways you can increase your confidence and find more success in life.

1. Get into a workout routine. Regular exercise isn’t just good for your body, it’s good for your psyche as well. Develop a habit of working out and watch what getting fit will do for your self-esteem and physique.

2. Tell others good things about themselves. Complimenting a hair cut or the nice job a co-worker did on a presentation will automatically make you feel good about yourself. Lifting people’s spirits improves the mood of any environment, and it’s quite contagious

3. Be your own personal development coach. When you’re frustrating or facing a really hard time, offer yourself kind words of encouragement. Actions tend to follow the thought process, so if you tell yourself a lot of good things, challenges become easier and belief in your abilities greater.

4. Look the part of a successful person. Dressing well and presenting yourself in a polished and attractive manner puts a bounce in your step and gets other people watching you. Take the time to look good, and it will help you feel better about who you are and how you are perceived.

5. Walk with an air about you. It’s always alluring to get people wondering what’s so special about you, so walk with your head held high. People gravitate towards others who exude confidence; be that person that others find magnetic.

6. Don’t ever sulk. Sitting up straight does not just improve your spine health, it helps you breathe better, which works toward clearer thinking and good performance. You naturally look more attractive and feel more confident when you are poised.

7. Sit up front at every opportunity. Wherever you go, try not to blend in with the background. As with everything else about your personal development strategy, your goal is to be noticed as a person of strength and character; putting yourself in the forefront at events, conferences or in class will give you a psychological advantage from the inside out.

8. Advocate for yourself. Be it at work or in relationships, or even in a restaurant where your entree isn’t quite to your liking, be brave about speaking up for yourself. Have a calm and clear voice about what you want and without ever being rude or pushy, make sure you are heard.

9. Lend a helping hand to others. One of the fastest ways to gaining self-confidence is through helping others; be generous with whatever you have enough of to go around, like time, money or items in your wardrobe and kitchen pantry. The type of confidence one gains when helping others is unlike any other, because it’s so humbling and genuine.

10. Count your blessings each day. Being grateful for your talents, health, nourishment and friends and family will feed your confidence lasting strength. Knowing you have the things in life you need and that your place in the universe is a small one can help you feel very big.

Confidence cannot be bought or borrowed; it’s something you earn for yourself through a lot of ways. Keep your confidence up and your game on, and personal development success will follow.

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