How To Improve A Damaged Relationship With A Relative


The majority of people have that one relative they struggle to get along with. You can choose to just ignore it, but this strained relationship can take a huge toll on your health and well-being, especially if you see this person on a continuous basis. Would you like to put this to rest once and for all? Read the below article for some tips on how to improve your relationship with that relative.

First, you need to actually tell yourself that you will have a better relationship with your relative. Continue to repeat this to yourself. You have probably heard that if you constantly tell yourself you are going to have a good day, then you will. The same applies towards establishing a better relationship. Tell yourself you will, and remain committed to it, no matter what happens.

Keep in mind that your relative’s business is their own. It is not your right to try to tell them how they should or shouldn’t lead their lives. The same also holds true for them. If they are doing this to you, respectably tell them that you do not appreciate them telling you how to run your life. Let them know that you won’t interfere in their lives if they don’t interfere in yours. In addition, understand that whenever they lash out at you for some weird reason, it is likely some insecurity they have. Do not allow these reactions to get to you. Instead, remain calm and collected, and try to help them work through any struggles they’re going through.

Next, you need to ask your relative if you can do anything to improve the relationship. Most of the time, you will discover that a poor relationship is a two-sided street. You cannot expect to have no blame for this situation. You may even be more to blame than the other person, and you may have no idea. Communication is the first step towards resolving any differences you and your relative may have. When you make the effort to make the changes, they will likely do the same thing, which in turn can lead to a much healthier relationship.

If your relative has made some mistakes in their life, you need to be the big person and forgive them. Understand that everyone makes some mistakes, including you. If it’s a huge mistake that is going to require some time, let them know that you are going to need some time to truly forgive them, but you are going to try. Taking the huge step of forgiving someone can feel like a huge weight off your shoulders and significantly improve your relationship.

Finally, if you feel that you cannot improve your relationship with your relative on your own, have someone else who knows both of you help. If your relationship is severely strained, this person can serve as the mediator to help bring the two damaged parties together and work out any differences.

Although dealing with certain relatives is difficult, you should keep in mind that they are your family. Make use of the above tips, and your relationship with this relative can be improved, leading to peace and well-being for both of you.

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